CMEA/ACME celebrates outstanding work by Canadian music educators. Our professional awards include the following:

Honourary Life Member

Jubilate Award of Merit

  • This award may be granted to an individual, a group of people, an industry, foundation, institution, or other organization in recognition for a significant contribution to music education in Canada.
  • Nomination Form: Jubilate Award of Merit

Builders Award

  • The Builders Awards seek to recognize those who advance music education in any Canadian province, through building community or establishing significant collaborative efforts. There are two awards: CMEA/Acme Builders Award and the CMEA/Acme Builders Award for Newer Teachers.
  • Nomination Form: Builders Award

Executive Award Recipients 

  • Alan Janzen, Secretary-Treasurer (Presented at MMEA, 1991)
  • Ninette Babineau, Member-at-Large (Presented by NSMEA, 1991)
  • Nancy Vogan, Member-at-Large (Presented by NBMEA, 1991)
  • Paul Maynard, Past President (Presented by BCMEA, 1992)
  • Joan Therens, Past President (Presented by CMEA, Conference 1993)
  • Pat Stefanchuk, Secretary-Treasurer (Presented by MMEA, 1995)
  • Rodger Beatty, Past President ((Presented by CMEA, Conference 1997)
  • Marjorie Fanjoy, Member-at-Large (Presented by NSMEA, 1997)
  • Sharon Fitzsimmons, Member-at-Large (Presented by OMEA, 1999)
  • Eric Favaro, Past President (Presented by NSMEA, 2000)
  • Brian Roberts, Journal Editor (Presented by CMEA)
  • Debbie McPherson, Past President
  • Barbara Graham, Past President (Presented by MMEA, 2006)
  • Cathy Lynn Yorke-Slader (Presented by OMEA, 2007)
  • Gregg Bereznick (2007)
  • Allan Anderson (2009)
  • Mary Dinn (2011)
  • Ed Wasiak (2013)
    (Executive Award discontinued 2018)

Honourary Life Member Recipients 

  • Dr. Catherine Allison (d.1986)
  • Mrs. Leslie Bell
  • Kenneth Bray (presented at OMEA Conference ’86) (d.1999)
  • Jean Broadfoot (presented in Halifax CMEA/ACEM Conference ’89) Nomination (PDF file)
  • Beth Douglas (d.1987)
  • Richard Edmunds (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’71)
  • Verla Jean Forsyth (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’91)
  • Christopher Gledhill (d.1987)
  • Ada S. Hamilton
  • Wallace Laughton (d. 2001)
  • Vanett Lawlor, MENC Executive Director (deceased)
  • Sir Ernest MacMillan (d. 1999)
  • Dr. Irene MacQuillan Murphy (presented Conf. 1987) (d.1991)
  • Gifford Mitchell (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’83)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Murray (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’91) (d.1998)
  • Read more about Elizabeth Murray in Carol Harris’ book, A Sense of Themselves: Elizabeth Murray’s Leadership in School and Community  (Fernwood Publishing, 1998)
  • Dr. Wilfred Pelletier (deceased)
  • Rev. Sister Mary Agnes Sesk (presented at CMEA/ACME Conference ’87)
  • Dr. Lloyd Slind
  • Dr. Paul Murray (presented at CMEA-KSC-NSMEA-KSNS Conference ’97)
  • Joan Therens (presented at SMEA Conference 1999)
  • Senator Tommy Banks (presented at the NSMEA conference, 2001)
  • George Bishop (presented at the OMEA conference, 2001)
  • Dr. Brian Roberts (presented at the NF/LAB conference, 2001)
  • Dennis Tupman (presented at the 2003 BCMEA Conference)
  • Rodger Beatty (presented at the 2002 OMEA Conference)
  • Ninette Babineau (presented at the 2002 NSMEA Conference)
  • Chalmers Doane
  • Dr. Betty Hanley

Jubilate Award of Merit Recipients

  • Dr. Helen Creighton first recipient (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf.’89) (d.1989)
  • Dr. Sandra Davies (presented at Conf. ’91, Vancouver)
  • Dr. Paul Freeman (presented at BCMEA Conf. ’90 in Vancouver)
  • Prof. Donald A. McKellar (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf. ’91, Vancouver)
  • Kaye Pottie (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf. ’93, Waterloo)
  • Dr. Patricia Shand (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf. ’93, Waterloo)
  • Dr. Nancy Vogan (presented at CMEA/ACEMConf.’93, Waterloo)
  • George Bishop (presented at OMEA-CMEA Accent ’94, London)
  • Sr. Blanche Gillis (presented at OMEA-CMEA Accent ’94, London)
  • M. Wilfred Harvey (presented at OMEA-CMEA Accent ’94, London)
  • Howard Saunders, Britannia Printers (presented at OMEA Conference’97)
  • Dr. Diana Brault (presented at OMEA Conference ’96)
  • Dr. Paul Green
  • Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming (presented at the OMEA conference, 2001)
  • Jan Wicha (presented at the NSMEA conference, 2001)
  • Sr. Rita Clare (presented at the 2002 NSMEA Conference)
  • Dr. Betty Hanley (presented by Gregg Bereznick at the 2004 BCMEA conference)
  • Peter Stigings (presented by David Ennis at the 2006 BCMEA Conference)
    Dennis Tupman (presented by Alan Anderson at the 2006 BCMEA Conference)
  • Donna Rhodenizer (2011)

Builders Award Recipients

  • 2012 – Francis Seaton, George Douglas, Andrew Legany
  • 2013 – Bill Kristjanson, Gabriela Gallo
  • 2014 – Peggy Bochun, Ken Epp, Stephanie Poulin
  • 2015 – Eric Marshall, Matt Abraham
  • 2016 – Joan Linklater, Jordan Laidlaw
  • 2017 – Henry Engbrecht, Matt Careless