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Winter 2020 Newsletter

By 7 January 2020July 30th, 2021No Comments
Donalda Westcott, CMEA President

Donalda Westcott, CMEA President

President’s Message:

Happy New Year CMEA members!
As we embark on a new decade, it is my hope that 2020 brings with it a host of opportunities for sharing your joy and passion for music education, not only to the students that are part of your school community, but also to the larger community.  Music grows as it is shared and nothing enhances one’s appreciation of music like a shared experience.

Let’s encourage our students to love music even more… Listen, sing, play, dance, record and attend.  The 6 Ways to encourage the love of music are attainable and indeed necessary in our schools, and by extension our homes.  Take a moment to think about how many times we do these things in the run of our everyday lives.  For most of us music surrounds us, and in the 21st century, the endless variety of music accessible is staggering.  We sing; in the car, in the shower, while walking down the hall.  Playing, dancing and recording are fundamental aspects of most music programs, and we dance the dance daily.

Let’s take the time in 2020 to make the attend portion of the love of music accessible.  Attending a music performance need not be a road trip to the local, or in some cases not-so local concert hall, it can be once class playing or performing for another… An opportunity for different grades to come together and collaborate on a theme and variations of Hot Cross Buns on the Recorder… Reading buddies getting together for a music class to share the neat things that they have been learning.  Music appreciation comes in all shapes and sizes.

I encourage you to make 2020 the year that you “think outside of the musical box” and engage yourself and your students in, The 6 Ways of encouraging the love of Music.

Donalda Westcott,
CMEA President

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