Research Funding

The Joint Consortium of Research (representing the CMEA/ACME and Coalition for Music Education in Canada) is pleased to announce the successful research funding applicants:

2017 Research Funding Recipients

  • The collaborative creation of singing resources for K-12 classes by Indigenous culture bearers and western choral composers – Dr. Anita Prest, University of Victoria; Dr. Adam Con, University of Victoria and Dr. Scott Goble, University of British Columbia
  • Walking the boundaries, bridging the gaps: International community music – Dr. Deanna Yerichuk, University of Alberta and Dr. Lee Willingham, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • What do you do with a music degree? – Dr. Julia Brook, Queen’s University and Dr. Sue Fostaty Young, Queen’s University

With appreciation to Joint Consortium of Research Committee members Marlene Nolet, Jim Sparks and Laura Lee Matthie, and co-chairs Eric Favaro and Benjamin Bolden.