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ISME Postcard (No. 153)

By 21 January 2013July 23rd, 2021No Comments

ISME postcard No 153

17 January 2013



ISME Board is delighted to announce the completion of the successful appointment of a new ISME Secretary General to replace Judy Thönell who retired after the World Conference in Thessaloniki. Following an advertisement of the post, a significant number of applications were received from around the world. An international shortlist of three highly rated persons was created and each candidate was interviewed by an international panel comprising the ISME Executive and two external ISME members with long standing experience in music organisation management and operations.


The selection committee were unanimous in a decision to offer the position to Angela Ruggles. As testimony to her excellent record of experience, knowledge and skills in relevant areas, the three independent referee reports were unqualified in their high praise of Angela and her capacity to undertake the duties of the ISME Secretary General.


Angela has had a long and successful career in the UK Civil Service. In the last six years she has been the policy lead for music education in the Department for Education. Currently, she is General Manager of the UK Music Education Council. Angela brings to the position a wealth of experience in working at executive level in supporting committees, managing programmes and developing and implementing policy and strategy. She has a broad knowledge of the music sector and the needs and interests of that sector. Her referees speak unanimously to her integrity, motivation, work ethic, and interpersonal and communication skills.


ISME Board introduces Angela Ruggles as the new Secretary General, an appointment tenable on an initial two year contract. We appreciate very much all our members’ support in disseminating the original advertisement, and thank all those who applied and showed interest in the post.




The International Society for Music Education ISME, having concluded a successful 30th World Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, in July 2012, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this biennium. ISME is proud to have been home to renowned music educators from all over the world. In particular, ISME celebrates the opportunity to reach music educators and scholars in all regions of the world, thanks to the rotational hosting of the world conference every even year, and the hosting of regional conferences every odd year. The latter is achieved thanks to collaboration with regional music education associations that are affiliated to ISME.


The year 2013 marks exactly 60 years since ISME officially was established. As a world organisation, we look forward to celebrations of this unique birthday in ways characteristic of our members’ diverse cultural background. The regional conferences promise to be venues for scholarly exchange and exposure as well as reflective moments, where we take inventory of our achievements, and count our blessings in order to plan for the next 60 years.


The Regional conferences are planned as follows:


ISME European Regional Conference, Leuven, Belgium 13-16 February 2013

For further details go to

9th ISME Asia Pacific Regional Conference, Singapore 17-19 July 2013

For further details, visit

8th ISME Pan African Regional Conference, Kampala, Uganda 29 July-1 August 2013

Submit a 250-word abstract to or

9th ISME Latin-American Regional / 2nd Pan-American Conference

This will be held in Santiago, Chile, in September 2013, hosted by Facultad de Artes of The University of Chile. For further details go to



Since the past biennium, ISME decided to organise its membership subscriptions on a two-year basis. The current registration for many members has already lapsed, and renewals should therefore be made as soon as possible in order to avoid account cancellation. We encourage members to confirm their membership status by logging onto the ISME membership website ( and responding accordingly. We would also ask members to invite a friend, colleague, student to join the society. There are varying membership fee categories, based on the United Nations HDI articulations. ISME membership gives you the opportunity to share what you have with others, and to access what others have made available.


Do I need to renew my ISME membership?

It is very easy to check whether you need to renew your ISME membership


Simply click on My Subscriptions and you will see a list of your subscriptions.


Is your latest membership a 2012-2014 membership?

If your most recent subscription is for 2012-2014, you do not need to renew yet… you have one more year!!!


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If your most recent subscription is for 2011-2013, you need to renew, if you would like to keep receiving ISME membership benefits.