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Call For Editor(s) and Book Proposals

By 18 September 2018July 23rd, 2021No Comments

Submission Deadline: January 7, 2019
CALL FOR EDITOR book proposal 2018 (PDF file for printing)

Biennial Book Series, Research to Practice
Senior Editor: Susan A. O’Neill

In partnership with the International Society for Music Education (ISME) Book Series
Editor-in-Chief: Dawn Bennett

Submission Deadline: January 7, 2019

We are seeking the next Editor(s) and book proposal for the CMEA/Acme Biennial Book Series, Research to Practice, in partnership with the ISME Routledge Book Series. The CMEA/Acme series is designed to provide refereed contributions that demonstrate leadership in music education. Previous books in the series have been written by Canadian and International authors covering a broad range of topics. We welcome book proposals on a wide variety of topics that promise to illuminate relationships between research and practice in areas of importance and concern to music educators both nationally and abroad.

The book series builds on four CMEA/Acme books published from 1998 onwards, as follows: Connect, Combine, Communicate: Revitalizing the Arts in Canadian Schools, edited by B. A. Roberts (1998); Leadership, Advocacy, Communication: A Vision for Arts Education in Canada, edited by B. Hanley (1999); Looking Forward: Challenges to Canadian Music Education, edited by B. Hanley & B. A. Roberts (2000); Musical Understanding: Perspectives in Theory and Practice, edited by B. Hanley & T. W. Goolsby (2002). Books in the Research to Practice series include:
Vol. 1 (2002): Creativity and Music Education, edited by T. Sullivan & L. Willingham (L. Bartel, Senior Editor)
Vol. 2 (2004): Questioning the Music Education Paradigm, edited by L. Bartel (L. Bartel, Series Editor)
Vol. 3 (2007): Listen to Their Voices: Research and Practice in Early Childhood Music, edited by K. Smithrim & R. Upitis (L. Bartel, Senior Editor)
Vol. 4 (2009): Exploring Social Justice: How Music Education Might Matter, edited by E. Gould (Lead Editor), J. Countryman, C. Morton, L. Stewart Rose (L. Bartel, Senior Editor)
Vol. 5 (2012): Personhood and Music Learning: Multidisciplinary Perspectives and Narrative Voices, edited by S. A. O’Neill (S. A. O’Neill, Senior Editor)
Vol. 6 (2014). Music and media infused lives: Music education in a digital age, edited by S. A. O’Neill (S. A. O’Neill, Senior Editor)
Vol. 7 (2016). 21st century music education: Informal learning and non-formal teaching approaches in school and community contexts, edited by R. Wright, B. A. Younker, & C. Beynon (S. A. O’Neill, Senior Editor)

CMEA/Acme-ISME Routledge Book Series
In 2017, ISME partnered with Routledge to create a new book series that has a strand for ISME partner organizations. The CMEA/Acme will publish future books in the CMEA/Acme biennial book series in partnership the ISME Routledge Book Series.

The CMEA/Acme invites proposals for the next book in the biennial series as follows:

An edited collection of chapters focused on a theme or topic of broad and critical interest to music education. The themes are fluid, changing with time and responding to the contemporary issues and need of music educators worldwide. Themes might include, for example, music advocacy, music careers, or the role of music in times of conflict. Proposals are also welcome which address issue on the boundary and/or new areas of interest.

Submission Procedure:
Prospective Editor(s) are invited to submit the following information electronically via email to the Senior Editor, Dr. Susan O’Neill, email:
1. Name and address (regular and email) of the corresponding Editor(s) (with a clear indication of Lead Editor if more than one)
2. Provisional title of proposed book
3. Tentative table of contents (including a list of proposed authors if invited contributions are being considered)
4. A 2-3 page rationale for the proposed book that clearly explains:
(a) the mission and concern of the proposed book,
(b) why this book fits within the Research to Practice series,
(c) the contributions the book will make to existing literature on the proposed topic,
(d) the particular issues/themes to be discussed,
(e) a description of research methods or perspectives to be included,
(f) a description of the theoretical context to be included,
(g) the significance, implications, and/or recommendations for practice
5. Minimum of five current references to support the book proposal topic (in APA reference style)
6. Time-frame for the completion of the manuscript
7. A 3-4 sentence brief biography and/or 1 page CV of the corresponding editor(s) (include a biography or CV for each proposed editor)

The Biennial Book Series Senior Editor, Susan O’Neill will be assisted by the Publications Advisory Committee (PAC) in selecting the next Editor and book proposal. PAC members are: Mary Kennedy (Director), Andrea Rose, Betty Anne Younker and Lee Willingham. If you would like to discuss your proposal informally or if you have any questions about the responsibilities of the Editor, please contact Susan O’Neill by email: