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AGM Minutes

2018 AGM Minutes

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Annual General Meeting

Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Springhill Suites Old Montreal, Montreal QC


1. Call to Order / The president declares the meeting open

  • Introductions and Welcome / Introductions et Bienvenue

2. Adoption of Agenda / Adoption of the agenda

MOTION 1: That the agenda be adopted. / That the agenda be adopted (Chan, British Columbia / Ling-Gillespie, Prince Edward Island) CARRIED

3. Certification of Notice of Meeting / Authentification of the meeting notice

MOTION 2: That the notice of meeting be certified as compliant with CMEA / Acme policy. / That the meeting notice be certified as being in accordance with Acme / CMEA policy. (Kennedy, British Columbia / Daniels, British Columbia) CARRIED

4. Approval of Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting / Adoption of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of November 2017

MOTION 3: That the minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting be approved and circulated. / That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting in November 2017 be approved and distributed. (Adams, Saskatchewan / MacLaine, Prince Edward Island) CARRIED

5. President’s Report – Helen Coker / Word from the president Presentation of the activities report for the year 2017-2018.

6. Vice-President’s Report / Rapport du vice-president – Donalda Westcott

7. Treasurer’s Report –Mark Della Torre / Presentation of financial statements 2017-2018

8. Membership Report – Gena Norbury

MOTION 6:  That all annual reports be accepted as presented./ That all annual reports be accepted as presented. (Tole-Henderson, Manitoba / Beresford, Newfoundland Labrador) CARRIED

9. Adoption of the 2018-2019 Annual Budget / Adoption du budget 2018-2019

MOTION 7: That the 2018-2019 Annual Budget be adopted. / That the 2018-2019 budget be approved. (Della Torre, Ontario / Linton, Ontario) CARRIED

10. Closing Motions

MOTION 8: That the CMEA / Acme recognize and thank the provincial affiliates for their continued collaboration and participation in the work of the CMEA / Acme. R. Brown , Manitoba / Westcott, Nova Scotia) CARRIED

MOTION 9:  That the meeting be adjourned. / That the meeting be adjourned. (Weaver)

Guests in Attendance / Guests present:

Nathan Seghers, Saskatchewan

Maryse Forand, Quebec

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