Annual Report 2011-2012


Link to: French version of the Agenda

1. Call to Order

2. Introductions and Welcome

3. Adoption of Agenda

MOTION: That the agenda be adopted.

4. Certification of Notice of Meeting

MOTION: That the notice of meeting be certified as compliant with CMEA policy.

5. Approval of Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting

MOTION: That the minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting be approved and


6. President’s Report – Theodora Stathopoulos

7. Vice-President’s Report – Mark Reid

8. Treasurer’s Report – Mark Della Torre

9. Membership Report – David Gueulette

10. Adoption of the 2012-2013 Annual Budget

MOTION: That the 2012-2013 Annual Budget be adopted.

11. Adjournment

MOTION: That the meeting be adjourned.