One of the important ways CMEA/ACME ‘nurtures a vital music learning community throughout Canada’ is by recognizing and celebrating outstanding work by Canadian music educators. This is done through our Professional Awards program.

Professional Award Recipients 2012-15 Update (PDF file)

Professional Award Recipients 2013 (PDF file)

Professional Award Recipients 2012 (PDF file)

Professional Awards include the following:

Honourary Life Member

Recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to music education.

Honourary Life Membership Award Nomination (PDF file)

Jubilate Award of Merit

This award may be granted to an individual, a group of people, an industry, foundation, institution, or other organization in recognition for a significant contribution to music education in Canada.

Jubilate Award of Merit (PDF file)

Executive Award 

The Executive Award recognizes the contributions of members who have made significant contributions to the Association through their work on the CMEA/Acme Executive.  This award is presented following the Member’s retirement from the Board at the discretion of the Elected Board.

Builders Awards 

The Builders Awards seek to recognize those who advance music education in any Canadian province, through building community or establishing significant collaborative efforts. There are two awards: CMEA/Acme Builders Award and the CMEA/Acme Builders Award for Newer Teachers.

Builders Award (PDF file)

Previous Award Recipients

Previous Award Recipients (PDF file)

Executive Award Recipients
Alan Janzen, Secretary-Treasurer (Presented at MMEA, 1991)
Ninette Babineau, Member-at-Large (Presented by NSMEA, 1991)
Nancy Vogan, Member-at-Large (Presented by NBMEA, 1991)
Paul Maynard, Past President (Presented by BCMEA, 1992)
Joan Therens, Past President (Presented by CMEA, Conference 1993)
Pat Stefanchuk, Secretary-Treasurer (Presented by MMEA, 1995)
Rodger Beatty, Past President ((Presented by CMEA, Conference 1997)
Marjorie Fanjoy, Member-at-Large (Presented by NSMEA, 1997)
Sharon Fitzsimmons, Member-at-Large (Presented by OMEA, 1999)
Eric Favaro, Past President (Presented by NSMEA, 2000)
Brian Roberts, Journal Editor (Presented by CMEA) PDF file
Debbie McPherson, Past President
Barbara Graham, Past President (Presented by MMEA, 2006)
Cathy Lynn Yorke-Slader (Presented by OMEA, 2007)
Honourary Life Member Recipients
Dr. Catherine Allison (d.1986)
Mrs. Leslie Bell (voted in 1962 after death of her husband)
Kenneth Bray (presented at OMEA Conference ’86) (d.1999)
Jean Broadfoot (presented in Halifax CMEA/ACEM Conference ’89) Nomination (PDF file)
Beth Douglas (d.1987)
Richard Edmunds (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’71)
Verla Jean Forsyth (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’91) Nomination (PDF file)
Christopher Gledhill (d.1987)
Ada S. Hamilton
Wallace Laughton (d. 2001)
Vanett Lawlor, MENC Executive Director (deceased)
Sir Ernest MacMillan (d. 1999)
Dr. Irene MacQuillan Murphy (presented Conf. 1987) (d.1991)
Gifford Mitchell (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’83)
Dr. Elizabeth Murray (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’91) (d.1998) Presentation (PDF file)
Read more about Elizabeth Murray in Carol Harris’ book, A Sense of Themselves: Elizabeth Murray’s Leadership in School and Community  (Fernwood Publishing, 1998)
Dr. Wilfred Pelletier (deceased)
Rev. Sister Mary Agnes Sesk (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conference ’87)
Dr. Lloyd Slind
Dr. Paul Murray (presented at CMEA-KSC-NSMEA-KSNS Conference ’97)
Joan Therens (presented at SMEA Conference 1999)
Senator Tommy Banks (presented at the NSMEA conference, 2001)
George Bishop (presented at the OMEA conference, 2001)
Dr. Brian Roberts (presented at the NF/LAB conference, 2001)
Dennis Tupman (presented at the 2003 BCMEA Conference) Presentation (PDF file)
Rodger Beatty (presented at the 2002 OMEA Conference) Presentation (PDF file)
Ninette Babineau (presented at the 2002 NSMEA Conference) Presentation (PDF file)
Chalmers Doane
Dr. Betty Hanley (presented by Allan Anderson at the 2007 CMEA/ACME AGM in Baddeck, NS) Photo
Jubilate Award of Merit Recipients
Dr. Helen Creighton first recipient (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf.’89) (d.1989)
Dr. Sandra Davies (presented at Conf. ’91, Vancouver)
Dr. Paul Freeman (presented at BCMEA Conf. ’90 in Vancouver)
Prof. Donald A. McKellar (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf. ’91, Vancouver)
Kaye Pottie (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf. ’93, Waterloo)
Dr. Patricia Shand (presented at CMEA/ACEM Conf. ’93, Waterloo)
Dr. Nancy Vogan (presented at CMEA/ACEMConf.’93, Waterloo)
George Bishop (presented at OMEA-CMEA Accent ’94, London)
Sr. Blanche Gillis (presented at OMEA-CMEA Accent ’94, London)
M. Wilfred Harvey (presented at OMEA-CMEA Accent ’94, London)
Howard Saunders, Britannia Printers (presented at OMEA Conference’97)
Dr. Diana Brault (presented at OMEA Conference ’96)
Dr. Paul Green
Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming (presented at the OMEA conference, 2001)
Jan Wicha (presented at the NSMEA conference, 2001)
Sr. Rita Clare (presented at the 2002 NSMEA Conference)
Dr. Betty Hanley (presented by Gregg Bereznick at the 2004 BCMEA conference)
Peter Stigings (presented by David Ennis at the 2006 BCMEA Conference)
Dennis Tupman (presented by Alan Anderson at the 2006 BCMEA Conference)
Donna Rhodenizer (2011)