Election 2019 Information

All members of CMEA, whose membership is in good standing, are entitled to cast their vote in this election.

For the position of Vice President there are two candidates, you are asked to cast one vote for your preferred candidate. Please see below for information and personal statements for both candidates.

Voting will begin on Monday, April 1st at 12:01 am EST and close on Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59 pm EST.

A link will be emailed to you by Simply Voting, a secure, online voting management system, on behalf of CMEA. Please use the link provided to you to cast your ballot.

Any questions, please contact Past President, Kirsten MacLaine, at kirstenmaclaine@cmea.ca

Tous les membres de Acme, dont les membres sont en règle, ont le droit de voter lors de cette élection.

Pour le poste de vice-président, il y a deux candidats, vous êtes demandé de voter pour votre candidat préféré. Voir ci-dessous les informations et déclarations personnelles des deux candidats.

Le vote débutera le lundi 1 er avril à 12 h 01 et se terminera le mardi 30 avril à 23 h 59.

Un lien va être envoyé par courriel par “Simply Voting”, un système de gestion de vote en ligne sécurisé.

Si vous avez une question, contactez Kirsten MacLaine: kirstenmaclaine@cmea.ca


I am writing you with my letter of intent to run for the position of Vice President of the Canadian Music Educators’ Association. I have been a member of the CMEA/Acme board since 2007, holding the positions of Provincial President (Manitoba), Member at Large (Awards and Recognition), and Secretary.

I have valued my roles on the board and find immeasurable value to the cross Canada connections I have made in my time with this organization. As I move forward with the organization, I hope to strengthen those connections. I look forward to building relationships both with our French language educators and the provinces that are not currently represented at the Board table.

I also see value in building relationships with other national organizations and working with them to advocate for quality music education and instruction from coast to coast to coast. Canada has a wealth of musical richness. As a representative for our educators, I will make it a priority to tap into those resources and make them readily available for all teachers.

Please find attached my nomination form, 3 letters of support, resume, and photo. Please contact me with any questions you may have about my nomination.

Rebecca Brown


The CMEA/ ACME has long held an important position in Music Education across the country. My motivation for running for Vice President with the CMEA/ACME is to continue to support Music Education in Canada.

As Vice President I hope to provide communication within provincial, national, and international music education committees, continue our work to unite the provinces to include Alberta and Quebec, and provide value for our members.

My experience on the CMEA/ACME board has been as a Provincial president and as CMEA/ACME Director of Awards and Recognition. With the experience gained in the last 8 years on local, provincial and national boards I am confident that I will be able to continue to provide positive leadership with the CMEA/ACME board.

Relationships with individuals and the provinces is vital to the role as CMEA/ACME Vice President. With my extensive experience and the contacts I have built, I am motivated to support the president to maintain and grow these relationships.

The leadership of a board is dependent on having good people to run it. As Vice President of the CMEA I will endeavour to ensure a stable, welcoming, friendly board that has quality Music Education as its driving force. I value the CMEA/ACME for its ability to unite on a national level. It is an organization that is diverse, passionate, and beneficial to our nation and one that I would be proud to serve.

Jeff Weaver