Music Educators’ Association / l’Association canadienne des musiciens

Our Vision

The Canadian Music Educators’ Association/l’Association
canadienne des musiciens éducateurs is a professional association that
nurtures a vital music learning community throughout Canada.


The Canadian Music Educators’ Association/l’Association
canadienne des musiciens éducateurs serves and connects those
interested in music education including current and future educators,
students, parents, and members of the community. The CMEA/ACME fosters
the advancement of teaching and the lifelong learning of music. Our
purpose is accomplished through publications, a dynamic website,
advocacy, collaboration on key initiatives, applied research and
regular communication with our members, provincial and territorial
affiliates, partners and the international community.

Main Goals


  • Providing for provincial, national and international
  • Developing interactive communication networks with its
    membership and partners
  • Researching relevant topics in music education and
    disseminating results, including best practices


  • Sharing and deliberating on key issues with stakeholders
    such as territorial and provincial affiliates; other national and
    international music education organizations; federal agencies
  • Collaborating with federal agencies and government
    departments, as well as national arts and education organizations to
    inform and advocate for music education
  • Assisting in establishing and supporting student
    chapters in universities, both with provincial/territorial affiliates
    and with chapters directly affiliated with CMEA/ACME


  • Celebrating music education excellence through awards
  • Participating at music/arts education conferences and
  • Serving as the official representative for Canadian
    music education at the International Society for Music Education


  • Operating in an ethical, fiscally responsible and
    transparent manner